Email & You

Major Internet Service Providers are generally terrible at managing email. Comcast, Spectrum, Frontier, etc..

Why? It is a necessary evil-they have to offer it, but it is a big pain to administer. Loaded with SPAM, phishing attacks, user problems.

If they change name, etc., you've got problems-huge problems. The poor Verizon subscribers switched to Yahoo when Verizon sold out to Frontier filled thousands of pages on help blogs!

There used to be many good free alternatives: AOL, Yahoo, etc.. AOL and Yahoo are now Verizon. More about them on another page.

The choices now are fewer, but they are good: (Hotmail), GMAIL, and Mac (me, iCloud), all offered by the major players, Microsoft, Google and Apple. They do email right.

Apple has a great feature for its users, making it possible to send huge attachments by email that I have used to send 150 megabyte files by taking advantage of iCloud storage.